April 24, 2020


AALBORG Universitet – Denmark - Project Coordinator

AAU has been providing students with academic excellence, cultural engagement and personal development since its inception in 1974. It offers education and research within the fields of natural sciences, social sciences, humanities, technical and health sciences. AAU currently consolidates and further develops its profile as a dynamic and innovative research and educational institution oriented towards the surrounding world. Despite the fact that AAU is a fairly young university, it is already ranking amongst the best and most acknowledged international universities in the world.

Contact person: Idongesit Williams

Email: idong@es.aau.dk

Danmar Computers - Poland

Danmar Computers LLC, established in 2000, is a private company operating in the field of Information Technology and providing vocational training in this field. Danmar has experience in developing modern Web and mobile applications that are used for educational purposes. Danmar also has long-term experience of carrying out European projects within which the R&D staff conducts research and prepares trainings tailored to the needs of various learners. It has successfully implemented over 90 projects within Grundtvig, Leonardo da Vinci, Progress and recently Erasmus+. Besides being the technical partner, in many of these projects Danmar is responsible for designing and coordinating dissemination strategies. Danmar Computers is the developer and provider of AdminProject, the on-line system for management of European projects

Website: www.danmar-computers.com.pl

Contact person: Małgorzata Mikłosz

Email: m.miklosz@danmar-computers.com.pl

EURO-NET – Italy

EURO-NET is a not for profit association that is member or associated member of 57 international networks.

EURO-NET gives to children, young people and adults these services:

  • information and project development center
  • organization of training courses, exchanges and cultural, artistic or sport activities
  • sector study, research
  • counseling, crisis support and prevention
  • e-learning, networking, partnerships, training courses and workshops
  • publications, newsletters,
  • apps, web sites, eLearning platforms,
  • videos and movies (also for cinema!), cartoons
  • electronic games and augmented reality.

It has realized more than 450 European projects, especially with Youth and Youth in Action, Socrates, Leonardo, LLP, Progress, Daphne, Life, E-Aid, Culture, Creative Europe, Erasmus Plus (KA1, KA2 and KA3), Representation in Italy of E.C., European Youth Foundation, Council of Europe, etc.

Contact person: Antonino Imbesi

Email: euronetpz@gmail.com

Kainotomia & Sia EE – Greece

“KAINOTOMIA” is a Center for Lifelong Learning (I.C.L.L) in Greece, operating in the field of Vocational education and training. KAINOTOMIA has implemented more than 60 continuous vocational training programs targeted at unemployed people, educators of all education levels, students of higher education, employed/self-employed persons and vulnerable social groups, for the development of professional opportunities and their promotion and integration into the labour market and the society in general, through innovative close to market programs. “KAINOTOMIA” provide business consultancy to companies & supporting services and consulting support services to trainees to facilitate their (re) entrance into the labour market. KAINOTOMIA has participated in several national projects, offering a high degree of expertise regarding training in contemporary fields, matching them with those that have a high demand in job’s market, in order to develop trainees’ knowledge, skills and attitudes towards their integration in the labour market. “KAINOTOMIA” has been participating in co-funded national projects under the name of “local development plans and entrepreneurship for unemployed based on specific local needs and growth potential”. Furthermore, it has participated in EU projects, under Erasmus+, as a coordinator and partner.

Website: https://kainotomia.com.gr/

Contact person: Anastasia Oikonomoula

Email: eu@kainotomia.com.gr

MEUS – Spain

MEUS is a private organisation based in Valencia, Spain, aimed at bettering people´s capacities in their environment, both at professional and private levels. Thus, it focuses on skills development of the individuals at each stage of their life, from school to adult education.

In line with the European strategy related to education, MEUS works on the development of new training materials and methodologies adapted to different target and market needs, so improving the integration on the labour market. It also encourage the development of new business projects, offering assessment and training to entrepreneurs, supporting them in being creative, innovative and successful in their initiatives. MEUS strongly supports new and growing sectors of the economy, and is attentive in the societal changes, this is why we are particularly engaged in issues such as the green economy (and green skills), the orange economy (culture), ICT, adaptation to the aging population and new demographic features generating higher demand in person services, etc.

MEUS promotes mobility of youth and adults, students and professionals as a way of learning from experiences in other countries.

In order to support individuals personal development, MEUS is also engaged in the development of initiatives in the field of active participation in society, bell-being, equality and solidarity, integration, and non-discrimination. It is engaged in sustainable development, and takes into account environmental concerns as well as sustainable growth and local development as key element of its missions, promoting behavioral changes among society to adapt current needs (sustainable consumption, waste optimization, etc.).

Further, MEUS is born with the ambition of being an active stakeholder in its environment, providing expertise for the development of international and European Projects in line with its objectives, thus providing assessment to other entities to encourage them in participating in European projects.

MEUS comes from the collaboration of two professional experts in the field of projects development and management, entrepreneurship, and consultancy, with a European scope. Together and on their own, they have developed many EU projects, mostly in the field of education and entrepreneurship, from different EU programmes such as Erasmus +, COSME-EYE, LIFE, EAsI, among others. They have a very good knowledge of their regional environment, enabling them to reach a wide range of key target groups and stakeholders in different sectors.

Contact person:  Pilar Aguado Carretero

Email: pilar.markeutskills@gmail.com

Crossing Borders – Denmark

Crossing Borders (CB) is a non-profit, non-partisan civil society organisation. The vision of CB is a world in peace with itself in which diversity is celebrated. The mission is to create dialogue space toward such a world and to build the capacity of youth, media workers and educators to realise the above vision. The overall goal is to enable people with different backgrounds to learn to live together on equal terms.

Crossing Borders started as a project in 1999 in Denmark in support of meaningful dialogue between the conflict parties in the Middle East. In response to increased activities and demands for the CB concept and services, it was transformed, in 2004, into a dynamic organisation with activities in Denmark and abroad.

In recognition of its contribution to peace dialogue, Crossing Borders was awarded “an Honourable Mention for the Euro Mediterranean Award for Dialogue between Cultures 2006, with the theme “Mutual respect among people of different religions or any other belief “by the Anna Lindh Foundation for the Dialogue between Cultures and the Fondazione Mediterraneo”.

Contact person: Silvia Grandi

Email: silvia@crossingborders.dk

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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