F.A.M.E.T. - Fostering Adult Migrant Entrepreneurial Training and Qualification


The main results of the include:
Go to National Case Studies: The Migrants and Refugees needs

National Case Studies: The Migrants and Refugees needs

The first Intellectual Output of the project targets on outlining the state of the art in terms of migrants and refugees needs.

Go to Certified Training Programme: e-learning

Certified Training Programme: e-learning

The training programme of the project aims to tackle the needs of migrants and refugees who want to start up a business or have started up a business within the last 3 years. The output offers an e-learning training programme that will be personalized to the end user based on their competences, interests and educational lacks.

Go to The Career Kit

The Career Kit

Showcase your team, products, clients, about info, testimonials, latest posts from the blog, contact form, additional calls to action. Everything translation ready.

Go to The Online Social Tool

The Online Social Tool

The online social tool, an actual Recourse Centre, of the project is a virtual online platform with highly interactive features that will not only include all the project outcomes and outputs but also allow the end users to interact and consult any time

About the project

The project is focused on adult education and lifelong learning excluding discrimination barriers and obstacles through educational and training provision. The importance on creating, developing and enhancing knowledge, skills, competencies and capacity to disadvantaged and marginalized groups such as migrants the main goal of the project. The present project focuses on assessing the existing skills and capacities of these target groups providing a personalized training path that is based on their individual needs and learning "gaps" which need to be enhanced. Furthermore, personalized training paths based on preferences and personal assessment are to be provided. This innovative method of training is based on distance learning providing the opportunity of engagement through modular or part-time learning. The mentoring parameter is inserted so as to guide and provide added value to the enhancement and empowerment of the target group.

The objectives of the project are summarized below:

  • to create and awaken skills and competences of adult migrants by self-assessment, self-awareness tools as well as an innovative, customised learning path based on each individual's need, background and target.
  • to enhance the competences of adult migrants by providing them with meaningful, up to date and to the pint information on the state of the art at a national level
  • to motivate and empower the target group and all interested parties into entrepreneurship and employment
  • to develop training that is uniquely tailored to the needs of adult migrants to support their increment of competences and skills
  • to disseminate the results in order to reach as many adult migrants throughout European Union as possible.
  • to design sustainable and user-friendly tools for the generations to come.
  • This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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